MONTROSE - The city of Montrose has expanded its green space and it’s now time to name the new park.

Tonight, Montrose City Council will consider an ordinance that officially names the open space, which includes two ponds and riverfront in the Airport Industrial Park (across Highway 50 from the airport). The name under consideration is “Taviwach” - the original name of the Uncompahgre Utes who first inhabited the valley. It means “people that live in the sun.”

“I wish that it would be accepted by the council,” said area Ute Roland McCook, who suggested the name to the city. “It would be an honor for that name to be carried on … My people would recognize that name right away.”

In mid-October, the city acquired 22 acres of land adjacent to an already established city park of 23 acres. The area is located in the Airport Industry Park area, however, it had never really been named, city Administrative Services Director Virgil Turner said.

For McCook, the Taviwach name is another step in preserving his and the valley’s heritage.

“The name (Taviwach) has been rarely used and is only known by a few,” he said. “This is a way of preserving another historical name, bringing an original, unique name to this area, which belongs here.”

The property was formerly owned by Montrose County.

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concerned res

I like the name Taviwach.


Regarding making Taviwach a dog park, since there are lakes and a river running through the area, if there are a lot of waterfowl and birds, I think the park should be made into a wildlife refuge to protect them from being chased by the dogs. Thank you.


Just curious why they aren't considering using the spelling "Tabeguache" which is already well known in Colorado -- there's Tabeguache Peak (a 14er) plus the Tabeguache trail - a popular mountain-biking trail from Montrose to Grand Junction.


I guess I missed the part where it said anything about making it a dog park? it's basically used as a wildlife area already anyhow! might as well make it a park and name it something unique!

just me

Agree, no dog park! We have taken our kids fishing at area lakes only for dogs to start jumping in it and scaring off the fish. Oh wait I am sure someone here will start in on how it is their right to do what they want since they have a dog and the dog has rights to the water as well. Geez, does it ever end? Kinda like the camping around here, just barge in with no respect.


Tabeguache~place where the snow melts first. Taviwach~People that live in the sun.


i think few people know where this park is, and getting to it can be flustering. maybe a little more exposure like this can open up the public to places like this.


Thanks Mr Mccook for the suggested name. I would love to learn more Ute place names around here. I have always wondered what the utes called buckhorn mtn. I like the name pa co chu puk! The new park is a great spot and an asset to our great town!


Re: Pacochupuk. There isn't a word for "cow" in the Ute language so when us moderns tried to translate "Cow Creek" into Ute it literally became "water of female buffalo". In other words, "buffalo pee". Taviwach and Tabeguache are one in the same. As is Taveewach & Tabehuachis. Remember the Utes had no written language.

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