MONTROSE — Former Montrose physician Sam Jahani, who is under federal investigation and whose Colorado medical license restricts what drugs he can prescribe, now is being paid $15,000 a month to work at a Texas urgent care facility, bankruptcy documents show.

The documents, which detail his creditors and his debts, show Jahani is an independent contractor for Dr. D’s Urgent Care in Spring, Texas. The paperwork does not state what Jahani does in his contractor capacity.

Jahani’s Texas medical license is “free and clear,” Texas Medical Board spokeswoman Leigh Hopper confirmed Monday.

The Texas urgent care office confirmed that Jahani is a doctor there, but Jahani said Monday he is in Montrose and “that’s all I can tell you.”

He also wanted to know why his bankruptcy is a matter of public interest and being reported by the Daily Press.

Jahani’s Montrose and Grand Junction urgent care facilities were the subject of a Drug Enforcement Administration raid last October. Agents seized patient records there and from his then-medical partner, Dr. Eric Peper, but the feds have yet to say why. The IRS also is involved in the probe.

Jahani has not been charged, and several patients spoke out on his behalf in the weeks following the raid.

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