DISTRICT COURT, MONTROSE COUNTY, COLORADO Court Address: Montrose County Justice Center 1200 N. Grand Avenue Bin A Montrose, CO 81401 Phone Number: (970) 252-4300 Plaintiff: ZIONS BANCORPORATION, N.A. v. Defendants: EDITH FREDERICKA HANCOCK, AS TRUSTEE OF THE HANCOCK LIVING TRUST DATED MARCH 29, 2001 AND EDITH FREDERICKA HANCOCK, an individual. Thomas W. Blake Dackonish & Blake, P.C. 415 Brach Drive Grand Junction, CO 81507 Phone Number: (970) 256-9559 Fax Number: (970) 256-9560 E-mail: Attorney Registration No. 10418 ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF ZIONS BANCORPORATION, N.A. Case Number: 2016CV030070 Division: 5 NOTICE TO SHOW CAUSE FOR REVIVAL OF JUDGMENT The Judgment Creditor has moved this Court, pursuant to 54(h) or 354(h) of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, to revive the judgment amount that remains unsatisfied in the amount of $100, 909.30, plus costs and interest. The original judgment was entered on January 19, 2016. It is ordered that the Judgment Debtor shall show cause within 14 days of the service of the Motion and this Notice why the judgment should not be revived, or the Court will automatically revive the judgment. The Judgment Debtor may file a written response to the Court with a copy mailed to the Judgment Creditor with a certificate of mailing. Date: 10/14/21 /s/ Holly Hansen Clerk (SEAL) Published in the Montrose Daily Press November 11, 18, 24, December 2 and 9, 2021