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Ballot Issue 3A officially passed, and a new Columbine Middle School is in the works.


A slugfest of a campaign, considered to be among the most contentious presidential elections in modern times, has put political outsider Donald J. Trump in the White House. 

One of the most closely watched presidential elections in United States history will be decided tonight, barring unforeseen circumstances. The 2016 General Election has highlighted divisions and engendered passions — but it’s also led to a high level of local preparation.

The tone this election season isn’t as ugly in Montrose as it is in other places — but as recently reported incidents show, it’s not necessarily pretty, either.

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Election Day gives voters throughout the United States a chance to participate in their government. The right to vote is something to cherish, as many people across the globe do not get a chance to elect the officials who govern their countries. While Election Day is an exciting time, voters…

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Wyoming was not only the first state to grant women the right to vote, but it also was the first state to elect a female governor, electing Nellie Tayloe Ross to that post in 1924. Ross was elected after being nominated for governor in a special election following the sudden death of her hus…