New Elected Council Members

Roy Anderson, Dave Frank and Barbara Bynum were elected to Montrose City Council on April 7.

Montrose residents voted on city council seats for District III, District IV and at-large. The deadline for votes was Tuesday at 7 p.m. 

The District III candidates are Roy Anderson and David White. The District IV candidates are William Bennett, Merri Brennecke, David Stockton and Dave Frank. The at-large candidates are Barbara Bynum, Paul Arbogast, Ed Ulibarri, Yvonne Meek and Charli Oswald. 

Roy Anderson, with 2,999 votes, won the District III seat (four year term) over David White (1,782 votes).

Dave Frank, with 1,740 votes, won the District IV seat (four year term) over William Bennett (1,090 votes), Merri Brennecke (1,079 votes) and David Stockton (793 votes).

Barbara Bynum, with 2,438 votes, won the at-large seat (two year term) over Yvonne Meek (1,022 votes), Ed Ulibarri (796 votes), Charli Oswald (400 votes) and Paul Arbogast (218 votes).

There were 3,280 votes for the Black Hills Energy franchise agreement measure and 906 against. 

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