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Sara Plumhoff, executive director of the Montrose Community Foundation, announces applications are being accepted for the Montrose Hardware Building Community Grants.

These will provide funding to local educators and students for up to $1,500.

Montrose Hardware is locally owned and operated by brothers Robert Peterson and Kevin Schuyler. The business (formerly Park Avenue True Value Hardware) was purchased in February 2021. The family is fully invested in supporting a vibrant and thriving Montrose community. Montrose Hardware believes in the power of business to

make a difference for Montrose. They support the community through charitable partnerships, by providing jobs and offering high quality products and services.

Montrose Hardware hopes to provide experiences inside and outside of the classroom that encourage critical thinking and make our students excited about learning. These grants support good ideas, “what ifs?”, the sky’s the limit and collaborative efforts imagined by those involved in the educational sphere.

The newly-developed Montrose Hardware Building Community grants support teachers and administrators promoting positive educational programs for all students, regardless of age or financial circumstance.

The student grants will help inspire and fund innovative ideas from our students. In both grant opportunities, the foundation encourages anyone with a great project or idea to apply, however, it will especially look to fund projects that promote equity and inclusion for all students.

Eligible applicants for the educator grants include teachers in the Montrose County School District, Montrose County private schools or with Colorado Mesa University, Montrose campus.

Students seeking grants need to be enrolled in a school in Montrose County (either private or public) and be in fifth through 12th grades.

“Montrose Hardware approached us about ways in which they could be good business partners, in particular, they wanted to support the educators and students,” said Plumhoff. “They came up with the idea of “Building Community” and suggested giving out grants to educators and students. We immediately felt like that was a place where charitable dollars could be put to great use.”

The Montrose Hardware “Building Community” grants are meant to support programs or projects that:

• Supplement or enhance the classroom or curriculum.

• Impact either a large number of students or impact a smaller group of students in a large way.

• Fund ideas, activities or items not traditionally covered by the school, university or district.

• Have buy-in from others, either financially or through other support.

• The grants are not meant to support professional development for individual teachers, annual memberships or dues. Travel expenses for educational opportunities may be eligible, however, the travel grant request amount should be matched by another funding source and will only be funded up to $1,000.

Grant applications will be received on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of community members and the donors. The deadline for applications is the end of the 2021-2022 school year or until the funds are disbursed.

Grant details can be found on www.montrosecf.com, search under Community.

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