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Initial samples from the Centennial Middle School South Building campus indicated the presence of asbestos, the Montrose County School District announced on Tuesday.

The discovery came after the district launched a facilities assessment in wake of finding asbestos at Olathe Middle and High School, which led to those schools on Monday shifting to remote learning.

A campus-wide investigation is ongoing, and as a precaution, all students and teachers at Centennial will transition to remote learning for the remainder of this week.

School staff are working on an adjusted learning plan in the event of an extended closure at the CtMS campus, the district said in a press release.

On Monday, MCSD announced OMHS would transition to remote learning for the week after a routine inspection uncovered asbestos debris in the middle school ceiling. The district is currently determining the extent of the asbestos at OMHS.

The discovery adjusted practice schedules for teams at OMHS, as well as forced the relocation of games and practices to other area schools.

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