PHOTOS: Local Protests Continue

Protestors at Demoret Park on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. (Josue Perez/Montrose Daily Press)

Black Lives Matter Montrose on Friday announced through a press release a “Walk of Solidarity” will take place in Montrose on Saturday. Residents in Montrose gathered earlier in the week at Demoret Park to protest the killing of George Floyd and racial injustice.

The event will start at noon.

“We want to show solidarity between the people of color in Montrose, to bring equality and bring awareness to systematic racism and give people of color a voice in Montrose,” said Ryan Hyle, a BLMM spokesman.

Hyle said BLMM is a newly formed group of Montrose residents who are seeking to become an official organization in Montrose.

“Join us as we peacefully assemble and walk with members of our community, local law enforcement, religious leaders, and business leaders in solidarity as we build awareness of racial injustice and stand in solidarity with the family of George Floyd who was murdered during another senseless act of police brutality,” BLMM said in the release.

The walk will start at Safeway, located at 139 S. Townsend Ave., with Montrose County Courthouse serving as the midway point.

At the courthouse, there will be nine minutes of kneeling and guest speakers. The protestors will then return to Safeway.

BLMM advised the public to wear a mask, and those with symptoms are asked to not attend.

BLMM also stated, “This assembly is to be 100% peaceful. Instigation of conflict will not be tolerated from any parties — anyone doing so will be reported to law enforcement, who will be present.”

The group asks if you plan to attend, please do not photograph or take video of anyone without asking their permission, especially children.

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