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The Montrose County School District (MCSD) COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) received confirmation that students and staff at two school sites tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday, Dec. 9. Through contact tracing, the CRT determined that:

— As a result of one Cottonwood Elementary School (CES) staff member testing positive for COVID, three CES staff members and 28 CES students need to seek testing and quarantine.

— As a result of two Columbine Middle School (CMS) Cohort B students testing positive for COVID, six CMS staff members and 71 CMS students need to seek testing and quarantine.

Montrose County School District contacted all individuals affected, prior to public notification, and no other students or staff cohorts are affected at this time.

Starting Thursday, Dec. 10, MCSD will no longer issue press releases for each individual quarantine event; based on rising viral prevalence in Montrose County and worsening rates of COVID-19 positivity, the district anticipates it will continue to experience an increase in classroom cohort quarantine events and COVID positive students and staff.

Moving forward, families and the community are urged to visit the MCSD COVID-19 Dashboard located at to view updated daily numbers of COVID positive school individuals and quarantine numbers by district and site. The district will continue to issue press releases for other COVID communications such as remote school closures, instructional plans for the start of next semester, and other important coronavirus community notifications. According to the district’s press release, it remains committed to transparency and providing the public with vital school health and safety information.

They work to continue to be able to minimize school spread, despite the significant increase of the novel coronavirus in our region. As noted in the MCSD Dashboard far more students are able to access in-person instruction versus the fraction needing to quarantine and every effort will be made to ensure that MCSD students can learn in-person as much as possible.

As they have throughout the pandemic, the district continues to remind all members of the community to wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick, and take viral precautions seriously in order for schools to stay open and in-person instruction to continue.

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