Dog park temporarily closed

The Montrose Dog Park, located at Cerise Park, is temporary closed due to a possible outbreak of kennel cough in the Montrose area. 

Dog owners beware as a canine respiratory illness has been making its way around Montrose.

During the Montrose City Council meeting Tuesday, Assistant City Manager Ann Morgenthaler gave a public information report which included the announcement of the dog park at Cerise Park being temporarily closed due to occurrences of respiratory viruses.

Morgenthaler said the city heard reports of kennel cough in Montrose. Currently, based on information from veterinarians, there are no confirmed cases of kennel cough, but there are respiratory viruses occurring in dogs.

Respiratory viruses in dogs can be transmitted through actions such as drinking from the same water bowl.

These illnesses can develop over time, and owners are encouraged to monitor their dogs, she said. Pet owners are encouraged to contact their veterinarian if their dog appears sick.

The closure is a precautionary measure so the illness, whether its kennel cough or not, can’t be transmitted. Dogs must be on a leash in areas not designated as “off-leash areas,” Morgenthaler said. Besides violating city regulations, letting dogs off leash also increases the chances of a virus spreading.

The park will be cleaned during the closure. This will ensure there are not other types of diseases or viruses there. The old dog park near Riverbottom Park should remain open, but the city will first confirm that the cough can not be transmitted there, Morgenthaler said.

There is signage at the park. The closure should last about a month starting Friday. Dates will be posted soon.


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