FOOD: Enjoy Irish coffee at home

Weather-related flight delays or cancellations are often the cause of much frustration. However, one timely storm nearly 80 years might just have paved the way for a beloved beverage.

In 1943, Joe Sheridan was working as a chef at the Shannon Airport in Ireland. According to the Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum, on one fateful night, a flight bound for Newfoundland was forced to return to the airport in Foynes due to inclement weather. Sheridan was called back to work that night and asked to create a warm beverage for the suddenly stranded passengers. Quick on his feet, Sheridan brewed some coffee but decided to add a little whiskey. Asked if the beverage was Brazilian coffee, Sheridan shook his head before indicating his newly minted creation was “Irish coffee.” And thus a legendary beverage was born.

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