Naturita has been part of western slope history since 1881.

The Naturita Town Board unanimously passed an initiative to sell overage use of potable water to residents at reduced rates for use in irrigating gardens and yards. 

The town currently charges $43 per 6,000 gallons of potable water for residential use and $51 for commercial, and charges overage rates for usage above that. The town charges 5 cents a gallon for usage above the 6,000 gallon limit up to 10,000 gallons. Above 10,000 gallons the town charges 16 cents. 

Through the Summer Water Initiative, the town is offering up to four additional allotments of 6,000 gallons of water to residences and some commercial establishments for $20 each allotment through the summer/growing months, from May through October. 

“People will be able to use more water for less money,” said Naturita Mayor John Riley in a provided statement.  

“It’s a summer gift to the town so that they can water their gardens and lawns. It will last through October, depending on the weather. If it gets cold much earlier we’ll shut it down and credit whatever is left. It seems like that’s the best way to do it.” 

Naturita purchases a fixed amount of 40 million gallons of water a year from Mustang Water Authority, a non-profit supplier of treated water serving the towns of Nucla and Naturita. Each year the town uses only a fraction of that amount, approximately 16 million gallons. The Summer Water Initiative is designed to make use of that unused surplus. 

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