The Delta County Department of Health announced three additional cases of West Nile virus in a statement on Oct. 8, one of which caused a second fatality in the county. The statement says the victim who died was a female from the Surface Creek area who had been diagnosed on Sept. 10. The total number of confirmed West Nile cases is up to 29 in the county for the year.

Out of the 29 cases, 19 of the cases have been of uncomplicated fever, six of the cases have been cases of West Nile virus encephalitis, two cases have been of meningitis and two cases led to loss of life.

The Department of Health advises everyone to drain standing water on their property, avoid being outdoors at dusk and dawn if at all possible, use mosquito repellents that contain deet, dress in long sleeves and pants during dusk and dawn in areas where mosquitoes are active, and screen the windows of homes to keep mosquitoes out.

Anyone who wants additional information on any of the 20 cases can visit the Delta County website, Also, anyone who wants more information on West Nile and precautions to avoid it can visit

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