Tips sought after thieves ‘ransack’ home of deceased veteran

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office and Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers are seeking tips about a weekend burglary of a deceased veteran’s property on Transfer Road.

Hal Emick died last October with his companion, Sharon Lunsford, in a rollover on Transfer Road as they headed into town for an errand.

On Monday, MCSO Lt. Ted Valerio said that sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, more than one person accessed Emick’s property in the 16000 block of Transfer Road and stole things they found there.

According to the Crime Stoppers report, three sets of shoe prints pointed to multiple people having been involved. They appear to have cut a fence and then drove a vehicle onto the property, leaving tire tracks, then got into the locked home, as well as outbuildings and vehicles.

The home was “ransacked,” according to reports.

At present, the MCSO is working to determine what items were taken from Emick’s home and buildings. Investigators need people who live near the area to be on alert for suspicious activity, as well as to report anything they may have seen this weekend that seems out of the ordinary. They are also reminding people who recreate in the area to keep an eye out.

“This time of year, there is not a ton of travel out there. So somebody might have seen something during that time,” Valerio said.

He also said the agency wants people, particularly would-be criminals, to know the property is under watch. “The property is getting monitored now. That should curb anything else,” he said.

Valerio reminded all residents to keep their property secure and maintain situational awareness.

“Keep an eye out for your neighbors’ property and things that look suspicious,” he said.

Crime Stoppers and the MCSO are additionally seeking information about a burglary in the 2000 block of North River Road, which occurred sometime between January and February.

A person or persons unknown entered a home and took construction equipment, including Ryobi-brand electric saws, antiques, and other items. Authorities believe whomever was responsible left in a vehicle, given the amount of items that were taken.

Anyone with information about the Transfer Road burglary, the North River Road burglary, or other crimes, can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 970-249-8500, or use the mobile app P3Tips, or the website

Information leading to an arrest may entitle the tipster to a cash award, which is also paid anonymously.

Non-confidential reports can be made to MCSO via dispatch at 970-249-9110.

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