National popular vote by person, not by state

In a national popular vote system, we would no longer be voting by state as we do in the Electoral System, but by person. Every vote would count. A California voter would get no more say in our presidential election than a voter from Mississippi, Rhode Island, Kansas or any other state. This is what the framers intended when they unanimously agreed with James Madison’s statement that the “president is to act for the people not for the states.”

You often hear the mantra that smaller, less populated states need the protection of the Electoral College to ensure their interests are represented by the president.

The fact is that there is no coherent “small state” — or “large state” — interest that needs protecting by the Electoral College because even the smallest state has substantial diversity within it. It is a fallacy to suggest that when a state goes “red” or “blue” that represents the interest of the entire state.

All of our states have diverse interests. The concerns of a farmer are likely to be very different than those of a computer programmer, whether they live in New Hampshire, Nebraska, Colorado or any other small or large state. Think Denver and Montrose.

Small states represent a great diversity of economic interests, and they share many of these interests with large states. For example, agriculture. Most farmers live in states with large populations such as Texas, Florida, California and Illinois, and they share economic interests with farmers from smaller states all over the country.

Our political interests cross state lines. The great political battles of American history have not been fought between large and small states but between opposing ideologies or economic interests.

In Congress, the representatives of small states don’t vote as a bloc, and their citizens don’t vote as a bloc for president. In fact, the numbers from the 2016 election show this emphatically. The smallest states, those with fewer than seven electoral votes, did not all go for the same candidate. In fact, they voted exactly the same as the largest states. Forty-percent of largest states also went for Clinton, and 60% for Trump.

Small states do not benefit from the Electoral College. Every vote should count! After all, the very first words of the U.S. Constitution are “We are the People!”

Vote “Yes” on Proposition 113!

Nancy Ball


Diane offers solutions, not slogans

The citizens of Congressional District 3 need a principled, effective representative in Congress. Diane Mitsch Bush is exactly that person. A representative must be able to work with others, including those from the other party. She did this in the Colorado House. Her website clearly states her principles and what she will do for the citizens of Colorado: expand job opportunities, expand healthcare and make it more affordable, improve our economy as well as the environment, and more.

Her opponent’s website reads like a collection of naive bumper stickers: Liberty! Free Markets! Energy! Oh, great. Where are the plans?

Rural Colorado has real problems and Congress can help. Problems can’t be solved by slogans or by someone who doesn’t listen, think them through and offer legislative solutions.

Real liberty includes having choices in affordable health care and education, decent job opportunities, affordable housing and a clean environment. These require action plans, not slogans.

In Congress, Mitsch Bush will work to improve educational opportunities and lower student loan debt, to reduce healthcare costs (especially for prescription drugs), to fully fund the VA, to fund rural health clinics, to fight climate change and more.

Colorado needs Diane Mitsch Bush in Congress.

L. M. Simmons


Do not retain Judge Craig Welling

Judge Craig Welling hopes voters will forget about the pedophile he set free. I’m here to remind you about his role in the case and why you should never forget.

Here’s what happened: Michael McFadden was charged with 19 counts of sexual assault involving six children in Mesa County. Prior to his trial, a jury questionnaire was drafted by the defense which referenced the defendant’s prior sex assault conviction.

After the questionnaire had been distributed to the jury pool, the judge noticed the reference to the prior offense and didn’t believe the defendant could receive a fair trial. That meant a new trial date would need to be set and a new jury seated, which would delay the trial beyond the six-month speedy-trial time frame.

The defendant opposed rescheduling the trial, even though he already waived his right to a speedy trial twice. The judge believed the defendant was partially responsible for the situation, since the defense drafted the questionnaire in the first place.

So, a new trial date was set, a new jury was selected and McFadden was convicted and sentenced to 324 years in prison. He immediately appealed, not because he didn’t get a fair trial — which is a constitutional right, but because he didn’t get a speedy trial — which is a statutory right.

The Court of Appeals sided with the pedophile. Even though judges acknowledged in their written opinion prior precedent did exist to override a statutory right to protect constitutional rights. Unbelievable.

The attorney general appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court and cited case precedence that “under certain circumstances, the six-month speedy trial time frame will be extended where reasonable delay is necessary to protect other fundamental constitutional rights of the defendant.”

The Supreme Court refused to even hear the petition.

There were three judges on the court of appeals who heard this case: Craig Welling, Jerry Jones and Dennis Graham. Welling is the only one up for retention this November.

If you are as outraged as I am, you have the power to hold these judges accountable. Vote to not retain Craig Welling.

Janet Rowland

Grand Junction

In support of Diane Mitsch Bush

I grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado hunting, fishing and working in the Gunnison Valley. I have, for the most part, been an independent voter, choosing the person and what they have to offer in support of my household or community. I have met Diane Mitsch Bush a few times and liked her immediately for her honest smile, her ability to listen and her knowledge of Colorado’s issues and support of the Western Slope. There are few politicians that listen as she does and appreciates hearing people’s concerns.

She is running for the U.S. House in Congressional District 3 of Colorado. Diane knows all too well the issues we face, particularly in health care, which is and has been a front and center issue for a long time. She is more than willing to work across the divide to enable people to have affordable, quality health care that includes many of the provisions that have been pulled from the Affordable Care Act and the ongoing maneuvers going on right now to ask the Supreme Court to repeal the whole thing, even the preexisting conditions clause. Her opponent wholly supports the current administration on those moves.

Mitsch Bush also wants to help to create a domestic supply chain for health care products, medicines and hospital supplies. Freedom from dependence on other countries will translate to good paying jobs we are currently supporting in foreign markets and keeps our dollars here to work for us.

Unlike her opponent, who said she will never compromise, Mitsch Bush wants to get to work for Colorado and America in a bipartisan fashion. She has lived in the community of Steamboat since 1976. She understands rural life and the need to protect our water for ranching and the recreation industries of the western slope, while creating workable solutions for the urban corridor.

She is quick to say she likes reading legislative bills to get at the meat of them and to fully understand them. She is diligent and motivated, not for the freedom of a few, but for the survival of the many who make up this great state and our nation.

Mitsch Bush is former vice chair, agriculture, livestock, and Natural Resources Committee, Colorado State House of Representatives and former chair, Transportation and Energy Committee, Colorado State House of Representatives.

In my view, Diane is the clear choice for U.S. Congressional District 3 of Colorado to move forward to solve issues that the past just cannot. For more info:

Polly Oberosler


This partisan divide has grown over decades

After reading Robert Reich’s Oct. 2 opinion article, my first thought was, “Where did the Montrose Daily Press get this guy?” To summarize, Reich is saying that because President Trump has not surrendered to the Left’s four-year attempt to remove him from office and has continually fought back, that it is his fault that our country is polarized and may come apart. The only analogy I can come up with is an abused wife being blamed for getting beat up because her creep of a husband thinks she had it coming because she makes him angry.

Scholars tell us that a democracy is in peril when one side decides to not accept the outcome of a legitimate election. Democrats attempted a coup with their fake Mueller investigation and impeachment trial, and are irate that Trump is still standing tall — achieving things they could never come close to. They have encouraged racial and class hatred since Obama took office, failed to condemn (and at times actively encouraged) anarchy and riots in our streets, favor turning us into a non-nation with open borders, intend to destroy our economy by abolishing fossil fuels, want to drastically increase taxes to support an ever-larger federal government, and desire to control every facet of our lives starting with health care. Seems pretty clear to me who has brought us “to the brink of civil war.” It sure isn’t due to Trump despising CNN, pointing out the abject failure of Democrat-controlled cities, not “appeasing his critics” or being unwilling to lay down and say “kick me again, I deserve it.”

Reich should consider that the polarization of America isn’t because of one man, but this partisan divide has grown over decades. Pew Research Center found that since 1994 this polarization is much more the result of Democrats moving further left than any movement of the right. Social media algorithms are designed to feed us what we want to see, not necessarily the truth. We rarely talk and share opinions in person, but trade hateful comments over an internet platform. We have fought to remove God from our society, yet are surprised when hate rises, kindness decreases and truth is relative.

And I do know where MDP got Reich — from the Obama Administration and the University of California at Berkeley. I just don’t know why the MDP gives space on their opinion page to such polarizing nonsense.

Chanda Ouimet


Trump’s decisions need a second look

We need to fear Trump, examine his record that abuses power, ignores the constitution and dismantles democracy. Trump’s wild claim that by not voting for Trump, there will be communist style socialism is unfounded. He says there will be a big government takeover should he lose, but look at Trump.

Trump, without consulting local government, is the only president that has used the military and federal police against Americans on American soil.

Trump called for postponing elections; removing constitutionally defined persons from the Census; using the Justice Department to investigate political opponents; a third term and rejecting a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump claims to defend religious freedom while disparaging Biden’s Catholic faith, attempting to ban Muslims and remove Muslim congregational representatives.

Trump claims to be defending Social Security and Medicare while simultaneously making deeper tax cuts, particularly payroll tax that funds Social Security.

Trump “loves” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and allowed North Korea to become a nuclear power. Trump disparages our loyal allies while embracing dictators, Duterte, Putin, Xi, el-Sissi, Erdogan.

Trump has, without consulting his cabinet or Congress, withdrawn from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Paris Climate Accord, TPP, NAFTA, G7, UN, Iran Nuclear deal, WTO and the World Health Organization during a pandemic. Trump is unilaterally withdrawing American troops from Syria, Afghanistan, Germany, but will turn around and use overwhelming American military force around the world.

Trump’s cabinet consists exclusively of those who praise Trump; if not, they’re removed and replaced with acting appointees lacking senate confirmation.

Trump wants to repeal the ACA and replace it with low quality skimpy coverage, including selling health insurance across state lines and that means federal control!

Confronted by mass shooting victims, Trump said, “take the guns first,” no due process. Trump will take your guns!

Shannon Neil


Diane Mitsch Bush is a practical problem solver

We met Diane Mitsch Bush in 1996 when we started working at Moots Cycles, where she was deeply involved in the business. Diane knew and still knows what it takes to own and run a small business.

As a state representative, Diane helped Western Slope counties attract and retain employees, increase broadband access and affordably keep roads safe — all issues that are key to small businesses.

We are self-employed and purchased very expensive health insurance from the only provider in Routt County. We may be the fifth healthiest county in the U.S., but we also have some of the highest insurance rates. Diane will fight for lower health insurance rates when she gets to Congress to help individuals and businesses.

Diane is a practical problem solver and will work with anyone to get things done for her constituents. We hope you’ll vote for Diane Mitsch Bush in CD 3.

Paige Boucher

Steamboat Springs

Yes on 113: National popular vote

What national popular vote does is count all votes before awarding electors, replacing the winner-take-all rule. National popular vote does not change the Electoral College in any way.

Replacing the current winner-take-all rule with National popular vote is in every Colorado voter’s interest, because Colorado isn’t a swing state this year or many years:

— National popular vote will drive successful parties to campaign in all states, not just a few swing states.

— It will boost Colorado’s influence and reduce California’s outsized influence by about 40%, by counting its split between the red and blue before awarding electors.

— It will give red votes a voice in this now blue-trending state.

— National popular vote has been a non-partisan effort. In 2016, there were 153 Republican and 162 Democrat sponsoring legislators.

— The real winner is better representation because every voter will matter.

Ralph Burns

Rural Colorado

Please consider removing offensive and untrue signs

First of all, I want to make it clear that my husband and I are faithful President Trump supporters. My husband and I often go sightseeing through the rural and city areas and lately, we have seen many signs supporting Trump and Joe Biden. One sign for Biden says “Vote for Joe Biden.” These signs are fine. However, there is another one that is worded to indicate that Trump and Republicans are liars. The sign says, “Truth over Lies.”

I would like to express that that is just not true. In fact, it has been proven more and more this election cycle. First, there was a left wing magazine article in which they charge that the president had made terrible statements regarding his regard for veterans, dead and alive. The problem is that the accusers were not men or women enough to offer their names. The other problem is the fact that those that were in the room or area with Trump, where such a statement was supposedly made, have stated they heard no such statement, including John Bolton, who is no fan of the president. What party was it that charged Trump as collaborating with the Russians for an election. Not true. A long, long investigation was made that proved there was no such collusion. In fact, it is coming out now that it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC that were giving untrue information to the powers that be. So, who are the liars that are indicated in these signs?

I would ask that good and sincere Democrats would not approve such signs. Two things that are more important than accusations. We are all children of God and we are all Americans! Biden and Trump should be welcome anywhere, but please consider the removal of these offensive and untrue signs.

Nancy Bradburn


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