Delta’s Deltarado Days canceled

Delta County Museum Agriculture has long been showcased during Deltarado Days as evidenced in this photo of the parade, circa 1955 to 1958.

Despite previous optimism for the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Deltarado Days celebration, Delta Area Chamber of Commerce (DACC) Executive Director Mitch Gronenthal gave the bad news July 15 that the event has now been canceled for 2020.

According to Gronenthal, this decision was made when it was determined that there were too many health restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic for them to feasibly be able to hold the event within the regulations.

Gronenthal previously said that the chamber was banking on permissions from the Delta County Health Department in order to expand the event to nearly normal status. Many of those permissions were given, but other restrictions remained too great.

“Some of them were just a little impossible for us to do,” Gronenthal said.

The largest thing that was denied by the health department, in accordance with state regulations, was the beer garden as it didn’t align with special event regulations, Gronenthal said.

“There were just some decisions of what’s best for the spectators and businesses as well as the community and everything else like that,” Gronenthal said.

Mainly, since outdoor events are limited to a capacity of 250 people, DACC decided that there would not be a way to safely hold Deltarado Days overall, nor would it be equitable in the end.

In a press release that was sent on Thursday, Gronenthal stated that “After much thought and a lot of ups and downs, we have determined that cancelling the event is the responsible thing to do.”

DACC is in the works to refund sponsorships and vendor fees for the event. Gronenthal said that the organization is not looking to be in a financially irreparable state due to the loss of the large annual event and that they assume that they will be ready to bounce back and hold the event next year.

Gronenthal addressed the positive side of what ultimately didn’t come to fruition. Due to surrounding event cancellations, DACC heard from several new vendors this year who had not heard of Deltarado Days and the local events. He’s hoping to see some new faces in the vendor village next year.

Until then, Gronenthal said that DACC hopes not to wait a full year to put on an event for the community.

“We are going to plan on doing something maybe on a smaller scale,” Gronenthal said. “We’ve talked about possibly bringing the Delta Proud event, which is a vendor event, and things like that, but that’s all still up in the air right now.”

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