A look at Barbara Bynum, Montrose City Council candidate

Mayor Pro-Tem and At-Large council representative Barbara Bynum will re-run for the position this year. Bynum has been involved in elected positions and organizations throughout the community, including the Recreation District Board of Directors, the Montrose County School Board, The Forum and the Colorado State Land Board.

Bynum decided to run again because she hopes to continue the work she started on city council to improve the community.

“The city is doing a lot of really innovative things for which we’re being recognized on a statewide level, and I want to continue to do that kind of work for our community,” Bynum said. “I want to continue to grow our economy with more jobs and better paying jobs, to continue to work on housing issues.”

One of Bynum’s priorities is seeing the Public Safety Sales Tax through to help the Montrose police department expand their resources. Currently, plans are in place for a new police department facility.

“I think the citizens have a very high expectation for how their tax dollars are spent,” Bynum said. “I want to follow through on campaign promises that we use the new Public Safety Sales Tax to make our community safer.”

Bynum also hopes to represent the residents of Montrose in her decisions. She believes the job of city council is to reflect the community’s perspectives and put them into action.

“It’s important that I represent the views and voices of people in our community. It doesn't matter what I want, I’m not on city council to represent my personal opinion, but rather — especially as the at-large councilor — I believe it is my responsibility to represent all of the voices in our community and make sure that our community reflects what they want and have as their vision for Montrose,” Bynum said.

With a background in elected positions and community organizations, Bynum feels that she has the necessary experience to continue to govern effectively in the at-large seat.

“I feel like I have a lot prior experience in serving the community and listening to the different voices, collaborating to put the community’s interests first,” Bynum said. “I think integrity ... being honest and transparent and doing what you say you’ll do are really important.”

In addition, she hopes to improve communication between Montrose residents and city council, including the use of social media to help close the divide. She said she wants citizens to feel like they are a part of the local government process.

“I think that as a city, we’re challenged with communicating with the people in our community,” Bynum said. “I think engaging our community in the activities of their local government will continue to be a challenge. We want them to feel part of the government.”

Looking forward to the future, Bynum hopes to take action that will help the Montrose community grow. She said she hopes to represent the citizens and their perspectives as changes take place in the city.

“It’s important as we move forward that we are a forward thinking city that is taking care of its residents, delivering on our promises to them, and that is putting in place their vision for our community,” Bynum said. “It really is a framework that we can build on.”

Bynum said the unique community of Montrose is one of the main reasons she wants to work to improve the city.

“In Montrose we all really care about each other, and I think at its heart that is one of the things that makes Montrose a really special place to live,” Bynum said.

The City of Montrose Municipal Election will take place April 7. Also running for the At-Large seat are Paul Arbogast, Yvonne Meek, Charli Oswald and Ed Ulibarri. Voters can find out more information at cityofmontrose.org under “Elections.”

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