David White

David White and his family moved to Montrose over two decades ago from Colorado Springs. He served on Montrose City Council from 2004 to 2008 and as mayor from 2007 to 2008, and served on the Montrose County Board of County Commissioners from 2009 to 2017. He also has experience with other community organizations throughout Montrose.

“I’m really interested in my community, we all have to live here and we all come from different places,” White said. “I think there’s common ground for everyone to work toward.”

White chose to run against current District III council representative Roy Anderson because he felt that another candidate was needed in the election, and he believes his community service and government experience provides him with the resources needed to serve the city.

“I’m giving voters an alternative with my candidacy,” White said. “I have served at the municipal and county level, I understand local government. … I have the institutional knowledge. I’m hoping that as we’re on the campaign trail that people recognize there's value in that.”

With his previous experience on Montrose City Council, White hopes to grow the community and create a secure future for citizens.

“I served as mayor in 2007 and 2008 when the economic recession hit, and I never want to see that in this community again. My goal is to safeguard the future,” White said.

White also believes that the city should focus more on securing basic community needs before investing in other projects.

“The city needs to find direction on what they’re doing … we need to prioritize where we’re going,” White said. “We need to be cautious and not overreach, focus on public safety and welfare. That’s what the government should focus on. We need to be very aware of those things first, the nice to haves can come later.”

With a business background, White hopes to bring the perspective of working citizens to city council.

“These are things the community is telling me that are causing them concern. I’m here to bring those things to light and say we could be doing things better,” White said. “Maybe I can put my finger on the scale and bring a bit of balance back into the formula.”

White explained that he plans to be honest and transparent, as well as “drilling down through every layer of ‘political speak’ to get to the truth.”

“You’re never not going to know where I stand on something, but I do my research first,” White said. “I want to ask the hard questions. There's very little dialogue — it’s almost like decisions are pre-made, and the public is left to only guess how they came to a conclusion.”

White believes one of the priorities as a city council member is to take the citizens’ points of view into account before making a decision, and to make information easily accessible to the public.

“I think the challenges that we have as a community are multifaceted,” White said. “I see all of that, and I offer a sense of balance when it comes to seeing through the eyes of the people, how decisions that are made at the city and county level can affect their daily lives.”

White emphasized that as a city council member, he plans to keep the residents of Montrose his top priority.

“You want the best outcome possible for the citizens, and you have to keep that at the top of the list,” White said. “My hope is that the city is the custodian of the community, that we protect all interests.”

The City of Montrose Municipal Election will take place April 7. Current District III representative Roy Anderson is re-running for the seat. Voters can find out more information at cityofmontrose.org under “Elections.”

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