The family of an Adams County victim services manager wants District Attorney Dave Young to be “firewalled” from the investigation into her death in July because of a relationship the two had while they worked in the same office.

In a sworn affidavit The Colorado Sun obtained following a records request to the court, Kate Petrocco wrote that she and Young had been involved in a “romantic relationship” late last year.

Young, who is married, declined to answer The Sun’s questions except to say that his office has not been involved in the investigation into Petrocco’s death and that if a criminal case is opened, he will step aside and appoint a special prosecutor since she was one of his employees.

But Petrocco’s sister said the relationship has ramifications for the investigation into how Petrocco died, which she believes was a homicide. While not suggesting or implying Young had something to do with her sister’s death, Moira Sharkey said she believes the only way to protect the investigation is to keep Young from being involved in any capacity.

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