Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors

Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors is shown at the time of a 2018 raid by the FBI. The business has since closed. The state in a separate action this year accused its owner of having pocketed money intended to pay for ‘pre need’ funeral plans. 

Megan Hess, the former Montrose funeral home owner under federal investigation for allegedly selling the body parts of people whose families wanted them cremated, had her state license as an insurance agent revoked this summer.

But the reason had nothing to do with the federal investigation, according to disciplinary documents. Instead, state regulators accused Hess of running an entirely different scam out of now-defunct Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors.

The accusations relate to the sale of “pre need” funeral plans — basically funeral packages that are paid in advance. A suspension order filed in February accused Hess of taking money from people for pre need funeral plans as part of broader life insurance policies. But, according to the suspension order, Hess then pocketed the money instead of setting up the insurance policies.

The final revocation order, issued in late August, also orders Hess to pay $37,950 in fines and $2,385 in restitution.

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