An illustration inspired by streaming platform Disney+

An illustration inspired by streaming platform Disney+. 

Prepare your wallet because another streaming platform has entered the streaming wars. Disney+, available now, is the newest option for you to spend the weekend wasting half an hour scrolling through an app and asking your partner, "What do you want to watch?" At least, that's what my wife and I have been doing.

At $6.99/month or $69.99/year, Disney+ touts a collection of classic and new offerings for the media hungry masses. We're trying it out for the time being to see if we'll keep it. Some issues we've had so far is lagging issues, which persist with either shorts, tv or movies. The platform has had said lag issues since its launch, so hopefully they're working on fixing it. My wife is also very displeased with the fact that "Angels in the Outfield" is nowhere to be found on the service. Shame.

I've also been disappointed by the vast number of films that show up and yet are unavailable due to current contracts in place that won't expire for quite some time. I mean, it's understandable, but you would think that the massive monopoly that is Disney could exert some of its influence to pad out its collection. Oh well.

But let's take a look at some of the things we have enjoyed on the service:

All 30 seasons of "The Simpsons" are available from the start, thanks to Disney's purchase of Fox earlier this year. We've been having a good time rewatching those early episodes and have plenty of good seasons to go through before the show starts going downhill. They’re great to throw on and zone out to.

Disney+ also has a decent offering of animated shorts. My wife grew up watching "Silly Symphony" and, while you have to hunt for them, a bunch are available. We watched "Old Mill" and it reminded of how cool that old animation style was in Disney's early days. From "Silly Symphony" and early Mickey Mouse shorts to newer Pixar shorts, like Toy Story Toons, Disney+ offers numerous examples of how the studio really excelled at animation as an art form and how it has evolved since then.

For fans of Marvel, a select number of the MCU is available from the start. However, as mentioned earlier, some films in the collection are unavailable at this time due to previous streaming contracts. But we were able to watch "Captain America: Civil War", which I enjoyed and my wife endured. The original Marvel television programming will also start rolling out next year. According to Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, these shows will be integral to understanding the MCU going forward. How fun. (insert sarcasm here).

We were also able to revisit some classics Disney films from our youth. My wife got to see "Beauty and the Beast", not the live-action one mind you, and I got to see the Artistocats. She hates the newest remake so watching the animated classic was a great way to spend an evening. I got to see Artiatocats in Spanish, as that's the only way I ever saw it as a child. Both are a very good time.

Disney+ offers a bunch of Star Wars content too but since I don't care about that, you're on your own. There's like a baby Yoda or something in the new show. I'll be watching Kurt Russell in "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" instead. (Another glaring omission is "The Barefoot Executive." Come on, Disney.)

Since we really only utilize Hulu, Disney+ has its place for now. We'll see how much we actually use it in the upcoming months. Since it has "The Muppets Christmas Carol," we'll definitely be firing that up here shortly. After that, who knows.

Oscar Chavez Castaneda is the Montrose Daily Press’ film critic. Find out more about him on his website, He will review a movie new to theaters or a new DVD release every other week.

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