Anne Hockenberry

Anne Hockenberry

Editor’s note: This article is re-running with an accurate photo of Anne Hockenberry. The photo that ran with the story originally on June 6 incorrectly labelled another person as Hockenberry.

Anne Hockenberry has always done art. “At first it was sketching, things like pets, homes, and wedding bouquets,” she said.

“I love to look for beauty in the ordinary. My artwork reflects my love of nature. I get a sense of peace and respite through painting. Watercolor is my favorite medium. I like the fluidity and smoothness. It’s easy to work with.”   

Anne was teaching in an elementary school in North Carolina in 2016 when classes were cancelled for a whole week due to snow, an unusual occurrence in that state.

“I did a bunch of little birds and put them on Etsy,” she said. See them at www.birdsandberrys

For Anne, the most fun part of her art is teaching the classes. “I love interacting with students and the flexibility.” 

She teaches at PACE (Volunteers of America), Amazing Glaze on Main Street, The Montrose Center for the Arts downtown, and Weehawken in Ridgway.

As for challenge? “Selling things online. Learning how to market myself. Also challenging is the business side of art, building a website, doing art shows. I need to be out there, sharing my art with people.”

One of her goals is to get into commission work, where she creates what a customer wants, such as paintings of pets. 

“I love doing pets?” Contact her at

Anne’s advice to prospective artists  is, “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try it, put it out there.” She added, “As far as selling goes, you need to find your style. Figure out what you like to do best. Practice. Find your community, other people.”

Anne specializes in creating custom watercolor art. She also creates stationery and acrylic art, which is available online.

Her work may be seen on etsy, at the Montrose Center for the Arts, the 610 Collective in Ridgway, and at the Ridgway Rendezvous.


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