Beverly Herdt is a papercrafter. She creates art out of twirled thin strips of paper.

“When I was 10 or 11 years old, my mother taught me to crochet,” she said. “In college I worked in paper and quilling, doing small things.”

According to Rita Shehan in an article for The Spruce Crafts, “Paper quilling is the art of cutting paper into long thin strips, rolling and pinching the pieces into different shapes, and then gluing the shapes to form decorative art.”

The origins of quilling are unknown, but some historians believe it began in China after the invention of paper. Others think nuns in the 13th century would roll strips of gilded paper cut from books and use filigree designs to decorate books and religious objects. Today quilling is seen as a viable art form.

For Herdt, the most fun aspect of quilling is coming up with new designs.

“My father’s physical therapist loves koala bears, so I made a pair of koala bear earrings for her. She loved them,” she said.

The most challenging aspect of quill work is creating new designs. “It took me four or five tries to come up with a hummingbird design that would work,” Herdt said.

“You have to get used to gluey fingers,” she added. “Quilling is just a matter of paper and glue.”

Herdt also makes greeting cards. She approached the Creative Corner management team about selling them there, but they already had several folks who make cards, so she submitted her quill work instead. They accepted, and Beverly’s quill work can be seen at Creative Corner, 344 Main Street, Montrose. She also participates in the Basement Boutique at the Montrose Pavilion during the holiday season.

“I have three lines of quilling. Coffee cups are popular, but critters are my favorite,” she said. She also makes pencil toppers and fidget spinners.

“I take special orders, too. Flowers are popular.”

Contact Beverly at, and 720-238-5416.

Carol McDermott is a freelance correspondent who spotlights the Montrose Center for the Arts.

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