Photographer Jake Green has been interested in photography since he was in elementary school. “In Ouray I liked to take photos of hummingbirds with my phone,” he said.

What interested him most was “the cool results, taking nice pictures. And I get to go places that are interesting.” That’s the most fun for Jake. “Going to places, looking at the scene, thinking what a cool photo could be taken,” he said. He also said it was fun to see the results.

For Jake, the most challenge is, “When you go to a place and expect to take a good picture, sometimes the results are not what I wanted. It’s pretty frustrating.”

Jake’s advice to prospective photographers is, “You don’t need the most expensive equipment to take a good picture. You are only limited by your imagination regarding what a good picture could be.”

He added, “I like to have Tim Frates laser my photos on aluminum. The photo is not pixilated.”

Tim said, “Some canvas prints use a dye-sublimation process. Dying the fibers became popular in the 1960’s. Today we print on a special printer and use jell inks. I use aluminum with a polyester coating, a heat press, 400 degrees for one minute and 40 seconds.

“The jell inks transform from solid to vapor, and the vapor infuses, or dyes, the polyester fiber that coats the aluminum. The polyester fibers absorb the gas.”

Jake’s photos, as processed by Frates, can be seen at Montrose Family Dental on S. 5th St. and Nevada Ave. “Mrs. Gaber at Montrose High, challenged us to submit photos for consideration by the dental office. Two other students and I submitted, and I had three photos chosen,” Jake said.

Jake uses a Canon 60D camera.

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