Linda Weyers is an artist in many media. Her work with jewelry earrings led her to making her own beads.

“I make my own beads using a polymer clay. I use the same for my pendants. You can make anything really lightweight, and put on a matte or shiny finish,” she said.

She also makes resin molds.

“But with the resin, you better get it right the first time. It dries in 24 hours,” she said.

Her current passion is acrylic pours. She does frameable paintings, as well as jewelry.

“I learned you can put acrylic ‘skin’ into jewelry.”

In an acrylic pour, paint is poured onto a canvas, then moved around by tipping the canvas. The colors merge and surge around, creating an interesting, colorful piece.

“I used a swipe to create the edges of my blue feather,” she said.

Her interest in making jewelry was ignited by something she saw on Pinterest.

“It was Christmastime in 2015. I was looking for gifts to make for people. I discovered I could make exactly what I wanted,” she said.

The most fun is also the most challenging aspect of Linda’s art.

“I want to be able to create something for someone that captures something special about that person,” she said.

Linda’s advice? “Find an idea. Play with it. Is it something you like doing? Grow from there,” she said.

In addition to her creative arts, Linda is also an avid photographer.

“I started taking landscape and wildlife photos in the late ’90s when my husband bought me my first digital camera. With that camera, it was easy to quickly make adjustments when you were still at the location, and be able to improve the shot instantly,” she said.

Linda’s favorite time of year for photos is the fall. “It is just amazing to me how brilliant and unique each location can be,” she said.

For Linda, the most fun is “to look at the world with an eye to what would make a great photo.”

The challenge? “To become a professional is to be able to sell your work,” she said. “I have sold a few, but it is difficult with so much competition.”

Her advice? “Just get out there and take tons of pictures. Keep trying to improve your work and your perspective.”

Her photography can be seen at Contact her at Her jewelry can be seen at holiday art/craft shows.

Carol McDermott is a freelance correspondent who spotlights the Montrose Center for the Arts.


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