Local woodturner Dave Kaufmann

Local woodturner Dave Kaufmann works on a Christmas ornament that will go on sale at Montrose Center for the Arts.

Creative Woodturning by Dave


More about Dave

Age: 76

Experience: 21 years. Self taught by reading lots of books, this was before YouTube.

Born: Phoenix, Arizona

What inspired you to become a woodturner? It started in high school where I worked in a cabinet shop for three years. Then I went on to form my own construction company from 1978 to 1994. In 1994 I had a heart attack and the doctor said I needed to slow down. I retired, went nuts doing nothing and a friend asked if I liked wood turning. I never looked back from there.

What is most challenging as a woodturner? Trying to learn segmented turning. You make a “board” of various types of wood and turn it into a balanced, finished product.

Why? Because I have to use my brain! I need to figure angles, and they have to fit together perfectly, with no gaps, for my finished product to be seamless.

What woodturning moment is most memorable to you? When I go to a show, like the Ridgway Rendezvous, which I’ve gone to for nine years now. At the show someone will walk up, look at something and say “Wow, that’s beautiful.” Then they’ll go on and ask how I did it. That lets me spend 10 to 15 minutes talking with someone who cares about what I love to do. I love to share my knowledge and ideas.

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