Rick Tyndall

Rick Tyndall plays on a working metal guitar that he created.

Metal Worxx Addiction - Handcrafted metal creations


Experience: 3 years

Born: Inglewood, California

What inspired you to become a metal artist? It just started as a hobby and I started with just making things out of horseshoes. It developed into a challenge, and people would challenge me and say “bet you can’t do this, or that you can’t make this out of metal.” I would make what they challenged and it kept growing from there.

What is most challenging? Not catching myself on fire, I’ve ruined a lot of shirts with welding and grinding.

Why? Sparks are flying everywhere, and it can be difficult to bend metal into the shape that I need. Sometimes I have to heat it, and then try to bend it, or sometimes I just put it in a vise and I can beat it into shape. It just depends on the piece that I am creating. But when I have to heat it, and grind it, the sparks are flying and guaranteed I will ruin another shirt.

What moment is most memorable to you? The guitars are my most memorable, as some of them are actually playable. I play guitar and I have always been interested in music, and the challenge was, you play guitar, can you make one out of metal? Then it became the challenge of “can you make one out of metal that actually plays?” And yes, I can, and I am proud of that accomplishment.

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