Kendra Avila

Kendra Avila works on painting a sign at her store, Redeemed Creative Studio. 

Kendra Avila, Sign Painter

Age: 28, again

Born: Montrose, CO

Experience: 6 years and a lifetime of practice

Redeemed Creative Studio

215 N. First St.


What inspired you to become a sign painter?

I started building pallet furniture, then moved on to painting. I lived in the woods in Texas, my kids were in school, and I needed to do something, so I started creating. I have always been a Do It Yourselfer, and always active in 4H and cake decorating and other projects.

What is most challenging as a sign painter?

Trying to be original.


I think I have a truly unique idea and then I go on Pinterest and see it, I’m like how did they get that out of my brain? With the easy access to sharing information, originality is difficult.

What sign painting moment is most memorable to you?

My signs are hand painted, unique creations. I love to do adoption signs for foster kids. It has their birthdate on it, the date they were placed in foster care, and then the date they found their forever home. These are really touching and we have a big presentation with the judge, the family and friends, and photos and it is a very tender, heart touching moment.

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