Do you remember Voltron? It was a cartoon from the 1980s in which lion robots from the planet Altea. Each pilot and lion work together to defeat the forces of darkness in the galaxy, but when major baddies are threatening life as they know it, they all join together to make a super robot – and that, in a nutshell, is Voltron.

Although it would be really cool to me if we had something like that in Montrose, I brought it up because the library is sort of like one of the Voltron lions – within it are a group of people working together to fend off ignorance and illiteracy in the community.

But we’re not alone in this effort because other education organizations are the other Voltron lions in this metaphor. We each have particular skills we use to grow the community’s young and old patrons and we work great solo, but we really shine when we work together. And that, dear reader, is what two big lions in Montrose are doing now: the Montrose County School District and the Montrose Regional Library District.

Libraries and schools have always had common goals: to promote literacy and improve access to education for all. A growing number of resources exist in the Montrose Library for teachers and students to use in pursuit of learning.

We know how time-consuming it can be to keep up with new trends and instructional tools, and the library hopes to do two things with our newsletter.

First, we want readers to know that we are here for you, we appreciate you, and we care about the teaching and literacy instruction you provide to the young people of Montrose.

Second, we want to share the resources of people, materials, and programming we might offer to make your life easier as an educator.

Each newsletter issue will feature snippets of information that you can peruse in 10 minutes or less, so it is perfect for lunchtime light reading! In it are details on upcoming programs and events that may be pertinent to students regarding Youth Services, Teen Services, and Outreach departments of the library. A short biography of one or two librarians may be included, highlighting unique skills to assist you as teachers, educators, or librarians. QR codes will link to special topics that you can scan with a smart phone and explore further. And, finally, each issue will have a link for your feedback.

We want to know what educators are enjoying and what you want us to do differently, because this newsletter is for you, our deeply appreciated school staff in Montrose, with whom we work to improve the lives of kids and families.

So even though we are not saving the galaxy from annihilation, your friendly neighborhood librarians are finding new and exciting ways to collaborate with community members for everyone’s best interests. Please copy and paste this web address to see the newsletter in detail and stay tuned for more great content!

James Stetson is a Youth Services librarian for Montrose Regional Library District.

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