The early literacy program 1000 Books Before Kindergarten encourages parents to read with their children from ages 0 to 5. Reading with your child can foster an early love of books; help kids learn their phonics, letters and numbers; and prepare them for the world ahead. Here are some tips from your librarians for reaching the 1000 book goal:

• Pick books with lots of pictures.

• Pick books with simple words.

• Pick books with no words (and lots of pictures).

• Read about whatever interests you.

• Don’t feel like you have to read something “big” and “important” to succeed.

• Let your kids wander around the library and pick books that look pretty to them.

• Let yourself wander around the library and pick books that look pretty to them.

• The back of a cereal box counts as a book, right?

• The subtitles of a movie count as a book, right?

• Reading the same book over and over and over again definitely counts.

• Color in spaces on that picture they gave you at the library.

• Write down the title and author in a notebook.

• Write down how much your child laughed or how they hopped like a bunny after or how they fell asleep before the last page.

• Read a book that you remember from your childhood and loved.

• If you don’t like a book, you don’t have to finish it.

• If it’s a sunny day go to the park instead.

• Remember, one book a day is 365 in a year (or 366 on a leap year).

• If you don’t want to, don’t worry about it.

• Remember that sweet tote bag the library gives you at the end.

• Imagine your child at graduation (which graduation? Don’t worry about that, there are at least three before they graduate high school).

• Have fun.

• Read.

If you would like to sign up for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, please visit the Youth Services Desk of the Montrose Regional Library. A survey is also available about this program on our website,, or in paper form at the Youth Services Reference Desk until Feb. 28.

Kacee Eddinger is a Youth Services Librarian at the Montrose Regional Library.


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