Learn to cook like your favorite chef

Is there a chef inside of you looking for inspiration? The Montrose Library is providing the community an opportunity to learn from chefs in the community during their virtual program, Cooking Something Up with the Library.

With everyone staying home more, and pursuing their hobbies and interests more than usual, it begs the question … have you ever wanted to cook like your favorite chef?

We are happy to help you accomplish that goal with our new virtual program, Cooking Something Up With the Library! We have tapped into some of Montrose’s very special cooking expertise and can hardly wait to bring you four events presented by our very own highly accomplished local chefs, restaurant owners, and bakery owners. This program will last from August through November and include experts from Rib City, Camp Robber, Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen Store, and the Vine Market & Bistro.

The first event in this series will be Rib City’s cooking class on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 6 p.m. Summer is the perfect time of year to cook something up on the grill and share it with others. Rib City is well-known for its slowly smoked barbecue, delicious chicken and award-winning ribs. Chef Trevor Jacquez will show you how to prepare smoked chicken and other meats. You will learn some great tips and tricks so you can show your new skills at your next barbecue.

The second event will be Camp Robber’s course on Sept. 16, at 6 p.m. Camp Robber has been a very popular and award-winning restaurant ever since it opened in 1994. Camp Robber offers a wide variety of entrees and specialize in Southwestern flavors. Chef Nathan Way, a seasoned professional in Southwestern cooking, will show you how to prepare a flavorful green chili beef stew at this event.

As fall rolls in, the weather cools down and leaves change colors. What better time could there be to settle down with family and create a comforting meal?

We can help you with that through our third event with the Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen Store. This event will be taught by Karen Byler, co-founder of the Straw Hat on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. This will celebrate the opening of the new kitchen that Straw Hat will start using for its own cooking classes. While Karen has not decided what dish she will prepare, it will certainly be something that we can look forward to.

We were all very sad to learn that the Vine Market & Bistro closed its doors this year. It’s been a celebrated staple of this community for years. However, we are very happy to announce that Nick Rinne, the founder of that restaurant, has graciously agreed to present the final event for us. He will show us how to prepare a fun Mediterranean dish in November. Join us for this one-time event from the founder of that popular restaurant.

Each of these chefs offers unique specialties and talents that we are excited to share with you. If you want to improve your culinary skills, and learn some of their secrets so you can try them out for yourself, you will really enjoy and benefit by attending these events.

We are so fortunate to have such accomplished culinary artists be willing to share their expertise with us. It is a special gift that we can all enjoy. So a very special thanks to Trevor, Nathan, Karen, Nick and their very generous organizations that make this all possible: Rib City, Camp Robber, Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen Store and Vine Market & Bistro.

Each event will take place over Zoom, a video conferencing software, so we need your name and email address in order for you to join. Please send that information to Taylor Evans at tevans@montroselibrary.org.

Taylor Evans is an Adult Services librarian at the Montrose Regional Library.

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