As the younger of a set of twins, I have never had a single moment in my life where I was the only child. My brother gets the bragging rights since, for at least three minutes in the world, he got to be only child loved and doted upon until the doctors had to desperately pull me out despite my determination that just because he was ready didn’t mean I was. My stubbornness hasn’t exactly dissipated over the 25 years.

Sibling relationships are complicated, there’s nothing quite like the affection that exists that manifests almost purely as competition and threats that is never taken seriously. Being a twin is an especially unique sibling experience of being on the receiving end of surprised “you’re a twin?” to literally every single person I meet and being quizzed on if I can read his mind right now (no). For all the young twins out there: This recommendation list is just for you.

”Twins” by Varian Johnson

Incredibly on the nose title, Maureen and Francine are inseparable sisters who do everything together under the sun! And then they hit sixth grade, and suddenly they couldn’t be more opposite of one another. For the twins who were forced into every activity together and made to dress the same because mom and dad thought it was just too precious, a story about finding who you are beyond the other half you had to be paired with is as cathartic as the real experience.

”Hooky” by Miriam Bonastre Tur

Fraternal twins (shout out to us!) Dani and Dorian get into the classic everyday situation of missing the bus to witch school and accidentally being accused traitors and mixed up in an ancient prophecy. A delightful journey of trying to clear your name and also not have your parents find out you inadvertently skipped school, a very relatable experience I have definitely experienced and not done on purpose, the art style will definitely appeal to manga fans or those with a soft spot for “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

”The Deep and Dark Blue” by Niki Smith

This graphic has everything: coups on noble houses, new secret identities, revenge plots with magical ladies, twins! It’s like Dune for middle schoolers and people who hate sand. If you or a kid in your life or your/their twin are super into political fantasies, this is a literal award winner.

”Apocalypse Taco” by Nathan Hale

Yes, the Nathan Hale decided to give us twins the spotlight about an also very familiar tale of a late-night taco run gone wrong. What seemed like a normal chicken taco order ends up being a slip into another slightly familiar dimension except everything is goopy and the delicious Mexican food is sentient. Will these twins and their driver’s license holding friend (it’s starting to feel biographical) survive and get their food, or will the creatures in the other dimension take over the world?

Nancy Nightingale is a Youth Services librarian at Montrose Regional Library.

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