Groovement is set to play the Montrose Summer Music Series this Friday at Black Canyon Golf Course. (Submitted photo)

Adam Becker has always been drawn to music.

When he was 7, he started playing the piano, and now he finds himself playing keyboards for the high energy funk-rock band, Groovement. There are many different instruments he can enjoy through knowing the keyboard — the organ, synthesiser or piano. His philosophy is simple: “I just do it because I love it. It’s what I love to do.”

The six-man band from Fayetteville, Arkansas, will be the first headline for the Montrose Summer Music Series, or MSMS, to take the stage around 7 p.m. Friday at the Black Canyon Golf Course, 1350 Birch St., Montrose. The opener, Peachy will start at 6 p.m.

Nine years ago the band’s drummer, Bryan Burkhart, reached out to some musicians including Becker and the band was formed. Since then there have been a few changes to the lineup. The current band has been playing together a little over a year: Oz Cullum as the lead singer/ guitar; Supa Man on the bass guitar; Lucas Parker on the guitar/ vocals; and Tom Smith on the trumpet/ vocals.

“The shared passion everyone has, everyone is pretty liked-minded … and think everyone enjoys the travel – you couldn’t do it (or it would be) hard to imagine being able to do this amount of travel if you hated traveling,” Becker said of the band staying together even when members change.

Becker said the band gets along great. They even keep a series of games going in the van while traveling. One is called “Caps” which is a 3-D printed bottle cap game and another called “Trees or People” where you look at the top of a mountain and guess if it is a tree or a person.

Becker said there some rock and funk elements to the band’s sound. Each member comes from a different musical place and has different influences, Becker said. Supa Man for example is a professional dancer. Becker said Supa Man is a shuffle dancer so he has an electronic dance music background which Becker does not.

Groovement first came to Montrose as part of the 2018 FUNCFest. MSMS founder Dave Bowman, who also serves as the mayor of Montrose, praised the band for being easy to work with and was well received by Montrose, as previously reported.

The beautiful scenery and the people they met are great, Becker said of playing in Montrose.

“What’s cool about getting to play shows in today’s day and age is you get to stay in contact with these people afterwards so there’s a constant dialogue that goes on that whole year until the next show,” Becker said.

“Groovement has a very unique sound,” Bowman said. “The blend between the keys and the bass create a funky low end while the interplay between the guitar and trumpet carry the melodies. While all this is going on, Oz, the front man, is firing up the crowd. It’s all a creative and memorable experience.”

The band is currently recording an album, “Sunshine City.” Attendees will be able to hear new jams at the show Friday. They can also hear some covers but mostly original songs.

As in the past, the show will be free, attendees are asked to being a lawn chair or blanket. Food and beverages will be available to purchase or attendees are welcome to bring their own food but outside alcohol is not allowed.

“It’s certainly very danceable. … It’s going to be fun,” Becker said. “If you like live music, you should get out.”

Monica Garcia is the news editor for the Montrose Daily Press.

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