Big changes are afoot at your library. This year, Montrose Library joined the Marmot Library Network, which provided a major facelift to our online catalog and gives cardholders access to millions (literally) more items at the click of a button, and we finally got our long-awaited book van, which will enable us to bring even more resources out into our community. We are thrilled to let you know that new services will keep coming in 2020 — this time on the digital front.

You may already be familiar with some of our services for digital content. OverDrive, which is our most popular eBook and downloadable audiobook platform, will be expanding. As of January 2, we will move from Across Colorado Digital Consortium to Marmot Library Network for OverDrive content. Joining Marmot’s OverDrive network means that we’ll be working with larger library systems to purchase materials, which in turn means that you will have increased access to thousands of more eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. If you are already using OverDrive (or its app, Libby), it is likely you won’t notice much of a change in January apart from a different logo. Your current checkouts and holds will transfer, though if you are currently using the “Wish List” function (or “Tags” in Libby), be sure to note the items you’ve saved because you’ll have to recreate the list in the new year.

Many of you may also be familiar with RB Digital as a source for downloadable audiobooks. At the beginning of January, we are expanding that subscription to their “Unlimited” service, which will give you access to their entire catalog of audiobooks. January will also see the inclusion of Unlimited Comics, so the comic book lover in your life will have access to thousands of comics (including Marvel and Disney) on their computers and mobile devices. Starting in February, RB Digital will expand even further to include access to hundreds of magazines to read from your computer or mobile device.

And because we’re on a roll, we are extremely excited to announce that starting in January, we will offer a brand new movie streaming service: Kanopy! Kanopy offers thousands of box-office hits, documentaries, foreign films, educational courses, and more, which you can watch anywhere, at any time, even casting to your TV. Library cardholders can check out 10 movies a month; most movies have a loan period of 72 hours (three days), but children’s videos and Great Courses series check out for a month. We are beginning our Kanopy subscription to be available to all Montrose County resident library cardholders.

There is one piece of sad news in this flurry of excitement. We will be discontinuing our Cloud Library (AspenCat) subscription at the end of January, but we hope that the increased access with all of our other services will leave you with plenty of material to read, listen to, and view! These are big changes, and we are happy to help you learn more about accessing all of them. Please visit us at the reference desk, call us at 970-249-9656, ext. 3, or email us at with any and all questions you may have. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a very happy new year with Montrose Library.

Lindsay Beckman is Head of Adult Services at Montrose Regional Library.

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