Montrose County School District student art

Sisters Matteson Embrey, left, and Riley Embrey look at Montrose County School District student art Tuesday at the  Montrose Center for the Arts building. The art is on display until Saturday. 

 Montrose Center for the Arts played host to Montrose County School district students for the “Montrose and Olathe School District Student Art Show.” A reception was held Tuesday night at the MCA new space at 11 S. Park Ave., Montrose. Students from Montrose and Olathe showcased their work and all schools and grade levels were represented.

For ninth grade Montrose High School student Matteson Embrey, art is therapy. She turns to her creative side when she is stressed or has a big test coming up.

“But I think it’s also cool to listen and people’s feedback on it because I think one of the most important things about art, in any form, is getting criticisms and critiques so that you know what you can do better and what you can improve on,” Embrey said of showing her art.

Olathe Middle and High School art teacher Stephen Motley said the show has been going on for about 12 years. Teachers select student work that best represents what the class has been working on.

“Most schools will do some sort of art show within the school but to do a show out in the community as well, helps the community see what we’re up to and showcase kids that maybe aren’t showcased in other ways in sports and other things,” Motley said. “It’s a different sort of outreach and connection to the community.”

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