She’s coming to Montrose!

The organizers of the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum have scored in attracting world-renowned scientist Dr. Temple Grandin to their event this weekend. Grandin will give a public presentation at the Pavilion at 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 27. She is sure to attract a wide audience for both her groundbreaking work in the field of animal science, and for her great success as a person with autism.

After hearing the presentation by this amazing woman, you may want to find out more about her. Many of Grandin’s books on autism and on animal science are available at the Montrose Library, including her latest book, “Temple Grandin’s guide to working with farm animals: safe, humane livestock handling.” On our shelves you can also find biographies for all ages. Check out one of these titles to learn more about this unique and fascinating woman:

A new and accessible work for adults and teens is “Temple Grandin: voice for the voiceless,” by Annette Wood (2016). Wood describes Grandin’s struggles with autism, and spotlights her advocacy for others with the condition. As a “voice for the voiceless” Grandin is also known for advocating for the humane treatment of livestock and other animals.

Young children may enjoy “The girl who thought in pictures: the story of Dr. Temple Grandin,” by Julia Finley Mosca (2017). The book uses rhymes and bright illustrations to tell the story of Grandin’s childhood and life as a scientist. Its positive message of persevering through challenges will empower young readers.

For a story of her life in her own words, pick up “Thinking in pictures: my life with autism,” by Temple Grandin. This is a fascinating window into life on the inside of autism. It explores areas such as autism and visual thought, diagnosis, sensory and emotional issues, treatment, and relationships with people and animals. The book is highly recommended for parents and professionals, as well as for the general reader.

Grandin’s life is so interesting that she was the subject of an HBO documentary film in 2010. “Temple Grandin” stars Hollywood actress Claire Daines, who received rave reviews for her portrayal. The biopic was the winner of 34 industry awards, including a Golden Globe and 11 Emmys.

My personal favorite from our collection is “Temple Grandin: how the girl who loved cows embraced autism and changed the world,” by Sy Montgomery (2012). This juvenile biography begins with a quote from the philosopher Plato: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” As this book is geared for kids, it spends a lot of time exploring Temple’s youth, including the bullying she experienced because she was different. What sets this book apart are all of the photos and personal reminiscences that pull in readers of all ages.

Come in to the library to satisfy your curiosity. And if you’re attending the Food & Farm Forum, stop by the library booth and say hello!

Tania Hajjar is the assistant director of the Montrose Regional Library.

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