Well, all good things must come to an end as they say. It’s been 14 years since I started this column. That’s 52 columns a year or 728 times we spent a little time together. I never missed a week. It was in March of 2005 that Steve Woody, then editor/publisher of the Daily Press, asked if I’d write something about art every week.

My knowledge on the subject was quickly used up, and I instead began to write about my life as an artist. You seemed more interested in that anyway. Art isn’t for everybody, but human interest seems to be. Giving you all an insight as to what rattles around in my head when I’m thinking about a painting and the efforts made to transfer that elusive idea onto paper and canvas seemed to appeal to a good many of you.

I have received very good response from you, my loyal readers. You have traveled to a lot of my art shows with me. We’ve been to Alaska on my motorcycle together. There have been some good restaurants along the way and numerous points of interest we stopped at and enjoyed as well.

Most of my successes and failures as an artist have been shared with you on these pages. Awards and rejections, joys and regrets. You’ve been supportive, and I appreciate that. I’ve really enjoyed having you along for the ride and have been amazed at how well received and anticipated my ramblings have been.

Many of you stopped in the gallery on Main Street when we were there just to say hi and tell me how much you enjoyed my writings. Some of you called to express your sentiments, and almost every time I’m in town one of you will give me a shout out and a wave. One kind soul even wrote to me about how my column brought a bright spot into her day. Most of you I don’t know, but you know me. That makes me smile. I appreciate it.

I’ve gotten off topic from time to time, I suppose, but that was just an attempt to keep you from flipping over to the obituaries for your reading entertainment. No disrespect to the departed, and I will admit to glancing at them from time to time myself to see who has departed this earthly existence.

A number of you have complimented me on the way I write. I’ve never considered myself to be a wordsmith, though. Mostly I try to write in a conversational manner, as though we were chatting outside the post office or on a corner somewhere.

The newspaper has asked me to still contribute something on the arts from time to time when it is appropriate.

I’ve been encouraged by some of you to publish some of my columns into a small book form. I looked into that a while back, and maybe it’s time to get those notes back out again. So for all of you faithful readers, who want to continue to follow along on my excursions, please sign up for my newsletter at www.mikesimpsonart.com.

In the meantime, I’ll look for you out there somewhere. Thanks for the memories.

Mike is a nationally recognized artist who, with his wife Kathy, operate Simpson Gallery, Studio and Frame Shop from their home space in Montrose. Sign up for Mike’s newsletter at www.mikesimpsonart.com. He can also be followed at www.facebook/simpsongalleryandstudio or www.facebook.com/mikesimpsonfineart.


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