The list of Virginia Blackstock’s creative accomplishments and honors are nearly as tall as the petite artist herself. In addition to her considerable talent as an internationally-recognized watercolorist, she has a background of performance in dance and theater plus she’s an extensive traveler and both a teacher and lifelong student of her craft.

And her watercolors!

The uninitiated who might have dabbled as a child with water and brush may associate the art of watercolor with muted tones but Blackstock’s creations are, in her own words, rich and clean and fresh.

“Art and Dance are the music of my soul,” the Montrose-based artist said in a quotation accompanying her latest exhibition, “They help me celebrate my love of life. In capturing some small part of God’s creation, I hope to touch the senses of the viewer.”

“My plan,” she wrote in the April/May 2019 edition of International Artist magazine, “is to make a powerful design as it is affected by light and shadows. An unusual perspective of a usual scene or object gives impetus to my purpose of action and lends power to the painting.

Patterns, colors and textures all call upon my skills to invest life into the subject.”

In other words, as one observer commented when viewing her work at the Starr Family Gallery of the Grand Mesa Arts & Events Center, “Her paintings ‘pop!’”

The occasion for this enthusiastic evaluation was the recent opening of Blackstock’s solo show in the sunny and spacious art gallery in downtown Cedaredge. Surrounded by her work, the veteran painter greeted visitors, enjoyed interactions, and posed for photographs. She was, by all accounts, in her element.

And no wonder, because this summer’s Cedaredge show marks the prolific artist’s 64th solo exhibition. It’s an impressive run which has earned her, among other honors, Signature

Memberships in thirteen National Watercolor societies including the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Audubon Artists of America, and those of Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Texas, San Diego, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Rhode Island.

She is also a founding member and master painter of the Western Colorado Watercolor Society.

Images of her paintings have been published in five watercolor books as well as in American Artist Magazine, The Artist Magazine, and International Artist Magazine. One of her largest endeavors was a 17x40-foot mural honoring regional cattlemen painted on a Main Street building in Delta. The mural has the distinction of being included in the ‘’ database which highlights distinctive attractions world-wide.

Virginia is the mother of four and the grandmother of six talented and accomplished individuals—family members whom she describes as her greatest fulfillment.

Blackstock’s current exhibit, entitled ‘The Music of My Soul,’ runs until July 10 th at the GMAEC gallery located at 195-West Main Street in downtown Cedaredge. For information and gallery hours call 970-856-9195.


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