Attorney informs MCSD on class action lawsuit against Juul

A local vape shop that asked to remain anonymous displays different vape device options. Vaping has been a recent subject of discussion in Montrose, from city council meetings to school forums.

The Montrose County School District heard from a California law firm filing a class action lawsuit, on behalf of school districts across America, against Juul Labs, a top manufacturer of vaping products Tuesday. Following a lengthy discussion, the school board gave a consensus for Superintendent Stephen Schiell to continue conversations with the law group. The board will take action on the item at the June board meeting.

Juul Labs, Inc., the maker of the JUUL e-cigarette, is identified as a major cause of the epidemic that the Center for Disease Control notes has caused youth use of e-cigarettes to skyrocket.

Vaping components

Learn about the components of a vape pen as well as the ingredients in the vaping liquid.

Lauren Brant is a staff writer and digital content coordinator for the Montrose Daily Press.

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