Be aware of the bandit bear in bear country

Cutline: A black bear in the Colorado wilds. A residence on Jay Jay Road recently had a bear break into a garage where pet food was stored.

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is reminding people to remember they live in bear country, after a hungry bruin broke into a garage on Jay Jay Road Sunday and consumed about 50 pounds of dog food.

There was minor property damage, but no injuries.

“We do have a misdemeanor warrant out for the bear,” joked Sheriff Gene Lillard.

“In all seriousness, be aware that there are bears in the valley — not to be alarmed, but just be on your toes for anything like that,” he added.

Bear sightings can be reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 970-252-6000 or to dispatch at 970-249-9110.

Bears are on the move for meals and, like people, will follow the paths of least resistance. Secure all food and trash on your property; be mindful of fruit trees, bird feeders and other attractants.

Bears that become habituated to humans are in danger, and pose a danger. In the past week, CPW had to put down two bears, one that came into an Aspen home and attacked a resident, and another that mauled a woman walking home in Manitou Springs.

More bear-aware tips can be found at

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