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City of Montrose Use and Sales Tax Report.

The latest use and sales tax report from the City of Montrose indicates an increase in retail during the month of July, marking three straight months of improvement compared to 2019. Although the city is experiencing a strong stretch of economic activity, the increase (4.1%) was the lowest in the past three months with the year-to-year continuously lowering after experiencing a yearly high of 10% in May.

A sizable increase in construction use tax (223.5%) helped the city in its largest total collected sales and use tax for a single month this year, an 8.3% increase from 2019 ($1,664,434) compared to 2020 ($1,803,205).

Hotel and restaurants continue to experience substantial decreases, with hotel excise tax down 21.8% in July and restaurant excise tax decreasing 6%, though both were improvements from June. Hotels produced $13,492, the highest amount through July, while restaurants collected $44,896, also a yearly high. Collectively, the two are down 11.2%, with an overall 10.2% decrease in July over the previous year.

In terms of taxable retail sales, downtown stayed level with numbers from 2019 while North Townsend saw a dip from the year prior. Mid Townsend and South Townsend both improved for July year-to-year.

The retail sales enhancement program continues to churn out year-to-year improvement for the city. Following a 24.9% increase in June, there was a 22.2% increase in July ($33,736, 2019; $41,260, 2020). Through July, it’s up 21.8%.

Use and auto tax experienced a -1.3% in July after a 23.7% increase the month prior.

View the full report on the city's website.

Josue Perez is a staff writer for the Montrose Daily Press

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