The man suspected in a gruesome slashing was captured during a traffic stop near an Eckert store Monday.

Kenneth Alan Gallob, 35, had been sought on a warrant alleging attempted second-degree murder since Aug. 25.

Monday, Delta County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled over a vehicle in which Gallob was a passenger on Colorado 65, Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor said. Gallob was arrested without incident and made no immediate statement to authorities.

Gallob is accused of fighting with a Cedaredge man whose vehicle he had reportedly borrowed but returned several hours late.

According to his arrest affidavit, Gallob got out of the vehicle with an upraised, possibly homemade knife, and attacked the vehicle’s owner, who tried to ward off the blade.

The man sustained defensive wounds, a large gash to his leg and a wound near his ribs as he pushed the oncoming blade away from his heart, the affidavit indicates.

A neighbor broke up the struggle with his cane and helped the reported victim into that man’s home. Cedaredge police officers paged to the scene followed a trail of blood from the porch to where the man was lying in his bathtub, moaning in agony.

They also recovered a 14-inch knife the witness had secured.

By the time officers arrived, Gallob was not on scene. They later issued an arrest warrant.

Taylor said it’s believed Gallob had been staying at a residence near Fairview Road, although authorities were not immediately certain of how long he’d been there.

“It was certainly a public safety concern for us,” Taylor said, referring to the time between the warrant and Gallob’s arrest, in which the public had been advised the suspect was considered dangerous. “We spent quite a few man hours in the effort to locate him and get him off the streets.”

Gallob is due in court Sept. 12 for a bond hearing in the attempted murder case; formal charges are pending. Bond was initially set at $60,000.

Gallob is charged in a separate case with aggravated motor vehicle theft; second-degree burglary of a building; misdemeanor theft and violation of bond conditions.

He was to appear in court today on that case, as well as on a 2018 case, in which he was charged with vehicular eluding; reckless endangerment; reckless driving; drug possession; driving under the influence; violating a criminal protection order and violating a civil protection order.

Delta Combined Court records also show three misdemeanor cases and a traffic case for Gallob.

Katharhynn Heidelberg is the Montrose Daily Press assistant editor and senior writer.

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