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City councilors met for a work session Monday May 3 to interview potential new members to the City Council following the departure of Councilor Roy Anderson last month and learn about possible new lease agreements in the community.

Councilors Barbara Bynum, Dave Frank and Doug Glaspell met in City Council Chambers along with city staff. Councilor Dave Bowman was absent.

Due to changing COVID-19 protocols, members of the public were allowed to attend in City Council Chambers. This was the first time the public was allowed to attend in person since the March 24, 2020 city council meeting.

Members of the public were also able to attend via the Zoom platform.

The following is a summary from the City of Montrose news blog of the primary topics discussed during the meeting.

City council applicant interviews

City councilors interviewed two candidates to potentially join the council following the departure of Roy Anderson from the council in April. Councilors met with Charlane (Charli) Oswald and J. David Reed (David Reed) to fill a council vacancy to serve in the council’s District III seat.

To fill the vacancy in the District III City Council seat, applications were accepted from residents of all four districts in the event that the At-Large seat became available during the appointment process.

To serve on the council an applicant must be 18 years of age, a registered voter and have a background free of felony convictions.

City councilors will formally vote to appoint one applicant to fill the one vacancy at the Tuesday May 4 regular meeting at 6pm.

CDOT ‘Revitalizing Main Streets’ grant program application

City councilors were briefed about a grant application the city intends to file with the Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT, to help with local efforts to implement transportation-related projects.

City Grant Coordinator Kendall Cramer said CDOT’s Revitalizing Main Streets Program was made possible through a $30 million allocation from the state legislature in March 2021 as part of Colorado’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

This program is intended to help communities across the state implement transportation-related projects that improve safety and yield long-term benefits to Main Streets.

The program, administered by CDOT, aims to support areas in or adjacent to community-focused downtowns where people work, dine and shop.

Lease agreement for 703 South 9th Street

City Councilors were presented with a lease agreement with the Montrose County School District for the use of the school district building that sits on city-owned property.

According to Ross Valdez, the city’s community engagement specialist, the city and school district would like to enter a five-year lease agreement for the continued use of the building on the city’s land located at 703 South 9th Street.

The city entered a 25-year lease with the Passage Charter School in 1998. Once the Passage Charter School dissolved, they sold their building to the Montrose County School District and the lease for the land located at 703 South 9th Street was automatically terminated.

A new lease was not created with the Montrose County School District. The city would like to like to enter into a new five-year lease with the school district in the amount of $10 per year.

City Councilors will vote to formally approve the lease at a future council meeting.

Lease agreement for 514 South 1st Street

City councilors were presented with a lease agreement with Straw Hat Farm Market & Kitchen Store located at 514 South First Street for an additional two years.

According to Ross Valdez, the city and the Straw Hat Farm entered into the current five-year lease in 2018, and it expires on February 28, 2023. City council is considering a two-year extension of the existing lease with minimal changes.

The final draft of the proposed lease shows changes to the existing lease, most notably the addition of language to clarify ownership of kitchen equipment.

This change to the lease is necessary after the installation of a commercial kitchen on the premises. The request for an extension of the lease is the result of continued investment and improvements to the premises.

City Councilors will vote to formally approve the lease at a future council meeting.

Utility connection fee abatements for Montrose Ford

City councilors were presented with an incentives package to aid Montrose Ford Nissan’s project to expand its service department.

City Manager Bill Bell said the city’s Development and Revitalization Team, DART, has met with Wes Abbott of Montrose Ford Nissan, MFN, to review plans to construct an 11,840 square-foot building to expand its service department.

Initial staffing for this building will result in eight job positions with estimated cumulative annual wages of $490,000. An additional 3-5 positions are anticipated within five years.

• Senior Technician (1)

• Technician (3)

• Apprentice Technician (1)

• Detailer (1)

• Parts Assistant (1)

• Service Assistant (1)

MFN anticipates an initial increase of $30,000 in city tax revenue in the first year, with growth to $60,000 annually in five years.

City councilors will vote to potentially approve the request at a future council meeting.

All City council meetings are recorded and made available online via the city’s website and cable channels 191 for Charter subscribers and 970 for Elevate subscribers.

Replays of council meetings are also broadcast at 6 p.m. on the same channels on days that the council is not in session.

In addition, each regular meeting is archived on the City of Montrose’s YouTube channel.

Residents can watch all regular City Council meetings and work sessions live through the city’s website at

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