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If approved, the annexation will provide opportunities for future development and allow the church to expand facilities for church services offered to the community.

Compiled by Cassie Knust

City councilors met for their regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 5, to consider a number of ordinances, resolutions, annexations and a contract award.

Councilors Barbara Bynum and Anthony Russo were absent. Mayor Doug Glaspell, Mayor pro tem Dave Frank and Councilor David Reed met in City Council Chambers along with city staff.

The following is a summary of the primary topics discussed during the meeting, which can be watched at

Resolution 2021-21: Annexation of Grace Community Church Addition II, hearing date

The annexation proposal returned before councilors during Tuesday’s regular meeting for a consideration of the application and associated zoning. The resolution was first brought before city council members during the Sept. 20 work session and as scheduled, returned to the docket for approval of a set hearing date.

City Senior Planner Amy Sharp said if it is approved, the annexation will provide opportunities for future development and allow the church to expand facilities for church services offered to the community.

The Grace Community Church Addition II is a proposed annexation approximately 3.48 acres. The property is located east of South Townsend Avenue, west of Woodgate Road, north of Otter Road and south of Ogden Road. It is within the city’s Urban Growth Boundary, the city’s water service area and the city’s sewer service area. Sharp said staff will be recommending approval at a future session.

Ordinance 2561 and 2562: Amending zoning code to reflect new bill regarding family childcare facilities

City councilors approved a zoning code amendment that reflects new state law, House Bill 21-1222, signed on June 7. The bill expands opportunities to access child care in family child care homes. According to this House bill, family child care homes shall be treated as residential property use.

City staff reviewed Municipal Code Title 4, Chapter 4, Sections 1-18 in order to add a definition for family child care homes, update the definition for childcare facilities and define where these uses are allowed, Sharp outlined.

The code previously considered childcare facilities as an “accessory use to a residence in all districts” and allowed no more than eight children under the age of 13 on the premises at a time. This code included any children of the family living in the residence. The amendments also incorporate updates to building code requirements for child care facilities which will expand access to various daycare, child care, adult day care and residential group facilities.

Ordinance 2564: Lot 1 and Outlot A of the Yocum Subdivision rezone

Councilors unanimously approved the rezoning of Lot 1 and Outlot A of the Yocum Subdivision and adjacent right-of-ways, but not without concerns from Reed. If approved, the rezone would allow for future development, which could include a neighborhood center and/or housing.

Reed expressed concerns about general safety and sidewalk availability in the Bridges and surrounding areas if the rezone was passed “prematurely,” adding that doing so at this point could potentially raise “inconsistencies with our own standards.”

City Engineer Scott Murphy weighed in, adding that the city is unlikely to pursue developments that would overwhelm the area with too many uses.


The rezone would allow for future development, which could include a neighborhood center and/or housing.

Frank added to the conversation, “At what point is it mature to move forward with development?” He maintained that he believes moving forward with rezoning would spur the city staff to develop “connectivity” or sidewalks to the Bridges faster than not approving the resolution.

Police Chief Blaine Hall offered to provide research data around pedestrians in the area, clarifying that the area in question is located along the length of Ogden Rd. He conceded that the area becomes congested if traffic is heavy, but if a neighborhood shopping center were to be developed, it would likely mostly serve the Bridges and imagines a crosswalk would be placed for safety.

A recent traffic study was conducted on the Bridges Drive and Oak Grove intersection, but there’s been one incident involving a DUI in the past seven years and incident before that, Murphy said.

The ordinance passed unanimously and will be presented for a first and second hearing at future meetings.

Hawk Parkway sidewalk extension construction contract

The extension project was initially brought before city council members during the Sept. 20 work session, where councilors were briefed about the proposed contract award to Agave Construction in the amount of $75,900 for the construction of the project.

The sidewalk project is a part of the city’s efforts to improve pedestrian connectivity throughout the city by constructing and/or rehabilitating missing-link sidewalks, especially along major roadways.

Murphy said the city is looking to construct approximately 500 feet of sidewalk along the western side of Townsend Avenue between Hawk Parkway and Ogden Road.

This project also supports a recent sidewalk extension performed by Golden Gate Petroleum on the southwestern corner of Townsend Avenue and Ogden Road as part of its site development.

Now that the project team has decided on a contractor, Murphy said the construction is slated to end by the end of the year, but is $26,000 over budget to date.

The project was originally budgeted at $50,000, said Murphy. He believes the budget “overage” is a result of low concrete contractor availability. Savings on other sidewalk construction line items and capital projects will be utilized to fund this overage.

All work will take place along the shoulder of Townsend Avenue without need for any road closures, leaving access to all nearby businesses open throughout construction.

The contract award of $75,000 was approved unanimously.

Rotary Amphitheater update:

Public Works Manager Jim Scheid announced that a ribbon cutting will take place this week, likely on Thursday. Communications Specialist William Woody will also be filming the event and wrapping up his time lapse of the project.

Scheid anticipates the project reaching completion for Saturday’s Oktoberfest, but for now, workers are “hitting the last few punch list items.”

Assistant City Manager Ann Morgenthaler pointed out that while Oktoberfest is the first event featured at the new arena and is ticketed, this doesn’t mean that future events will always be ticketed.

“This one is ticketed since it’s a fundraiser, but we look forward to next spring when the weather’s nice again having free events. Some other organizers will also be having free events,” said Morgenthaler.

Organizations and anyone interested in renting the space can contact City Clerk Lisa DelPiccolo at 970-240-1422.

Police Chief update

Hall said police are still looking for the gun metal grey Jeep Wrangler in which the vehicle occupants were involved in several pellet gun shooting incidents, including one in which a young boy was hit in the stomach. The incident occurred as the boy was walking along Woodgate Road just south of the Community Recreation Center on Sept. 25 and Montrose Regional Crime Stoppers is accepting anonymous tips.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to make a report to Crime Stoppers via the app P3Tips, at the or by phone at 970-249-8500.

People can also make a report directly to the police via dispatch at 970-249-9110. These calls are not guaranteed anonymity.

Hall also recognized two officers who transported a suspect to the county jail when the individual became unresponsive in the back of the vehicle. They quickly recognized an issue, called for assistance, removed him from the vehicle and remained calm, Hall said. They found that the suspect didn’t have a pulse, so they uncuffed him and administered CPR, successfully reviving the individual.

“They’re great people and we have a great department,” Hall said.

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