The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission decided in August it has jurisdiction over a complaint filed about former mayor and Montrose Summer Music Series lead man Dave Bowman.

The complaint stems from a disagreement between Bowman and Divot’s restaurant owner Janece Culver dating back to last summer’s music series. Culver continues to repeat her claim that she felt the former mayor intimidated her into sharing revenue from beer sales at the Montrose Summer Music Series.

Colorado Liquor Enforcement later found that sharing of revenue illegal since Culver, not Bowman, was the holder of the liquor license to sell beer at the music series on the city-owned Black Canyon Golf Course grounds.

Of 65 complaints filed with the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission in 2020, three, including the complaint against Bowman, have been found “non-frivolous,” meaning, according to the commission’s statutes, that the commission has jurisdiction over the matter; the alleged ethics violation is timely (to have occurred in the last year); and that there is a rational basis for the commission’s involvement.

Dino Ioannides, the executive director for the Colorado IEC, told the Montrose Daily Press Friday that he sent a letter to Bowman with information about the complaint and the definition of “non-frivolous” as it relates to the commission’s August ruling. Bowman has 30 days to respond.

“He can choose not to respond, he can respond on his own or can get an attorney,” Ioannides said.

After the deadline, the commission will consider Bowman’s response — if he chooses to give one — and decide whether to order an investigation.

Bowman has until Sept. 28 to respond or can request an extension.

Ioannides would lead the potential investigation, release the findings from the investigation to involved parties, and then the IEC would hold a hearing and decide whether to assess a penalty.

According to Ioannides, a penalty would come in the form of a fine for Bowman, and the money from that fine would go to the local jurisdiction (in this case, most likely the City of Montrose).

“I am pleased that this is now in the hands of the ethics professionals,” Culver said Friday. “I trust that the non-biased nature of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission will properly investigate and determine the facts of the situation I went through with Dave Bowman. At this point, I’m confident this matter is in the right hands.”

The Montrose Daily Press reached out to Bowman for comment as well, and is awaiting a response.

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