County seeks clarity after partial approval of expanded variance

Montrose County announced late Friday it had received partial approval of its second variance request from state restrictions over COVID-19.

The brief announcement does not provide details, but says more information is forthcoming, and that the county has requested clarification on the specifics of the partial approval.

The county was first granted a variance May 23, allowing gyms, churches and restaurants to reopen at reduced capacity. Further executive and state public health orders followed, easing other restrictions.

Montrose County commissioners in early June filed for a second, expanded variance, that would allow gyms, businesses and houses of worship to open to even more people; allow schools to increase classroom size; allow bars, microbreweries and distilleries that are not also restaurants to open in limited capacity; allow outdoor gatherings without size restrictions, provided specific safety steps were followed; and that would lift limits on sports and summer camps, provided that operators could assure proper social distancing would be followed.

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