Woman screened for COVID-19

A woman is screened for the coronavirus, COVID-19.

As Colorado hospitals prepare for a possible surge of patients infected with the new coronavirus, they are planning to shuffle doctors and nurses who normally practice in such specialties as obstetrics, family medicine and gynecology into the emergency department to keep up with the need.

Centura Health put a call out to all of its doctors to take inventory of who may have the qualifications to help. UCHealth is making sure physicians who don’t normally handle inpatient care are brought up to speed with best treatment practices for the new coronavirus. And Gov. Jared Polis is calling on retired medical providers to return to hospitals and reinforce the front lines. 

“This is probably going to be an all-hands-on-deck scenario,” said Dr. Shauna Gulley, chief clinical officer for Centura Health who also is part of the massive hospital system’s incident command for coronavirus.

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