Cimarron Creek fees waived

Homeowners in three Western Slope manufactured home developments will not be charged a lease payment for April 2020 in a move by developer Matt Miles. The three communities are Cimarron Creek on North 65.30 Road and River Meadows on Lasalle just west of the river in Montrose, as well as Midland Village in Grand Junction. 

Residents of three major manufactured home developments on the Western Slope won’t be paying any community rent when April 1 rolls around next week.

That’s because the developer and landowner of those communities won’t be charging the normal lease payments, which include trash pickup and sewer fees, for April in hopes that the gesture will aid those families in getting through the COVID-19 slump and provide some stimulus to the local communities.

Matt Miles, developer of Midland Village in Grand Junction and Cimarron Creek and River Meadows in Montrose, says that he won’t be collecting fees from the 1,000 home sites in the three communities. With each resident not paying an average of $500 per month, Miles says that he hopes his move will pump close to a half million dollars into the local economies. Each community has a broad demographic containing about 60% adults with no children and 40% families.

“The spirit of the decision, which my wife, Marci, and I made without talking to anyone, is twofold,” says the veteran developer and Montrose resident. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself and I believe in the premise of ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!’”

In a notice to residents, the Mileses said they understand the hardship pandemic response has had on businesses and jobs, so they will forgive April’s rent, RV storage and water charges at the three communities.

“Even though not all of you have been financially impacted by this situation, we are hopeful that with a month’s free rent, it will give you the opportunity to help others that have been impacted,” the notice states, asking the communities to come together.

“We will get through this situation and be stronger for it. However it requires leadership and action, immediately, both on an individual and government level,” Miles said.

“By our giving a little back to the residents in our communities, we just might provide them a little immediate peace of mind and maybe the ability to help somebody else.”

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