Montrose County Public Health announced Wednesday night that an 84-year-old man is the fifth-confirmed case of the coronavirus in the county while the results of a potential sixth case are yet to be determined.

The man, diagnosed with COVID-19, is currently hospitalized.

Meanwhile, the individual waiting for the results is being treated as if he or she has tested positive for the virus as it is in “the interest of (the) patient and public safety,” according to the county.

In light of Gov. Jared Polis’ stay-at-home order, which began early Thursday morning, the county is reminding residents to follow the order.

According to Montrose County, the Emergency Operations Center is aware of reports of children getting together for play dates. The county “highly discourages” parents from doing this or organizing other similar social gatherings.

“It is important to remember that children may not be symptomatic, but still could be carrying the virus. The sleepovers or other gatherings could spread back to the homes of parents and risk additional community spread,” the county press release said.

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