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For the first time in its 134-year history, Montrose could have its first-ever water conservation plan.

Montrose City Council will consider the 182-page document at its regular meeting Tuesday evening.

Public comment will be accepted and following the hearing, a resolution to adopt the plan may be considered.

Drawing the plan began shortly after the Colorado Water Conservation Board determined each public entity distributing 2,000 acre-feet per year or more of water to encourage efficient use of water, according to city documents provided in Tuesday’s council agenda packet.

In the document, the city spells out how the plan will be implemented, monitored, reviewed and revised over the next seven years. It also estimates how much water will be conserved by implementing the plan.

“The goal of the City of Montrose Water Conservation Plan is to increase the efficient use of water throughout the city by identifying challenges and methods for overcoming each,” an executive summary of the plan says.

Included is a profile of the existing water supply system, a profile of water demand and historical demand management and integrated planning and water conservation benefits and goals.

Additionally, the plan delineates water conservation activities the city will undertake and spells out a monitoring plan.

The plan requires these elements:

• Water-efficient fixtures and appliances, including toilets, urinals, shower-heads and faucets.

• Low water use landscapes, drought-resistant vegetation and removal of phreatophytes – plants with a deep root system that draws its water supply from near the water table.

• Water-efficient industrial and commercial water-using processes.

• Water reuse systems.

• Distribution system leak identification and repair.

• Dissemination of information regarding water use efficiency measures, including public education, audits and water-saving demonstrations.

• Water rate structures and billing systems designed to encourage water use efficiency.

• Regulatory measures designed to encourage water conservation.

• Incentives to implement water conservation techniques, including customer rebates.

“All conservation measures are voluntary, subject to City Council approval and funding dependent,” the plan states.

A complete copy of the plan is available at www.cityofmontrose.org/300/Water.

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